Return to Whittle Wanderer

Oban, Isle of Mull, Iona, Tobermory, Kilchoan, Ardnamurchan Point, Strontian, Lismore, Scotland.
(8 day bike-pack)
Wed 09 Apr - Wed 16 Apr 2014

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The morning was overcast but a short break in the cloud meant I saw bit of colour for the sunrise across the sound of Iona. After breakfast in the house I walked with Stella to the ferry back to Fionnphort and Mull. Stellaís car was parked outside her friendís house so we drove back along the A849 to a small lay bye where an old abandoned track heads north and NE to Camas Bay. There is a small wooden shed at the start of the track and a couple of white vans were parked there.

Sunrise across the sound

The way to Camas

To the trig point

The track is so rough in places that wooden duck boards have been fixed across the bog flats so that wheel barrows can be used to get supplies across. The reason became clear at we walked almost a mile across to a group of granite buildings. They are connected to one of the Iona groups to provide accommodation for young people on Outward Bound type activities. We saw two people there who were part of the staff running the place. The small bay had a jetty on the opposite side with a ruined building and quarry above.

End of Camas Bay

We walked round the bay and up into the granite quarry. It turned out the stone was used to build Skerry Vore lighthouse. Skerryvore Lighthouse was designed by Alan Stevenson and first lit in 1844.

The quarry used for stone to
build the Skerryvore lighthouse

 Above the quarry we continued up the hill to the summit of Beinn Liathanach and the trig post which like Iona is a circular concrete column. It was only at an altitude of 81m but seemed much higher as we looked across Loch Scriddain to the main west side if Mull. The weather deteriorated for a while and squally showers blew in from the west. Fortunately the rain stopped for our descent but the cold wind continued.

Trig column

We returned to the car then drove to Ardalanish bay in the opposite side of the peninsula. It was still windy so we went for a short walk to find some shelter behind a large protruding rock so we could sit and eat our sandwiches. Then we drove to Bunessan to park then walk the short way east to the small museum which had interesting displays on the walls and information about the Camas quarry. Adjacent was the old ruined mill and large circular stones. We walked back to the car and drove back to Fionnphort where I bought a couple of bottles of wine for the group evening meal at Bishops House. We returned to Iona on the ferry and after the evening meal retreated to the lovely room with a burning coal fire.

Old Mill at Bunessan Museum

Skerryvore lighthouse

19th century illustration
of Skerryvore lighthouse