Return to Whittle Wanderer

Oban, Isle of Mull, Iona, Tobermory, Kilchoan, Ardnamurchan Point, Strontian, Lismore, Scotland.
(8 day bike-pack)
Wed 09 Apr - Wed 16 Apr 2014

Sun 13 Apr 2014

Wed 09 Apr 2014
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Wed 16 Apr 2014
Rain through the night but a bit of drying wind made packing up the tent not too soggy. It was very overcast and low mist when I set off but as my objective is the ferry at Tobermory I had less than 10miles to ride. My concern was the ferry because the timetable showed the summer times for Sundays not starting till May. I wasn’t sure if there may be a reduced service today (Sunday) There were uphill drags to negotiate then the rain started again and soon became quite heavy. I reached the Tobermory sign before I was expecting it and shortly afterwards descended down the steep hill to the main street along the waterfront.

Tobermory in the rain.

The rain had eased a bit as I rode to the far side of the town and the ferry jetty for Kilchoan. As I suspected there were no ferried today. I left the bike by the fence and explored a path heading up the hill. There was a flat area next to an old wooden gun carriage, minus gun. It would make a suitable pitch later on. It was Sunday morning and everything was shut. The rain increased in intensity so I rode to the Visitor Centre at the opposite end of the town. The main entrance was open and also a laundry inside. Thankfully there was a sink in the Landry so I knew I could get water for later. I had no choice but to sit it out inside and shelter from the rain. The entrance area on the outside of the doors had a wall where I was able to park my bike out of the rain. As I sat and read my book one of the employees arrived, a bearded man who went into the information centre exhibition.

Camp by the gun carriage

He came back and asked me to move my bike out into the rain. He said it obstructed the entrance door. It was to one side and no obstruction. It was even between their sign and the wall so was not in anybodies way. I pointed this out to him then he said if others see a bike there they’d all park bikes there. Then another reason was it could fall on a one year old child. I pointed out that moving it to the fence outside in the rain would till be a hazard to passing children or anywhere else on Tobermory. I was obviously dealing with a jobsworth cyclist hater so decided to sit down again and read my book. The rain hammered down all through the day and I was glad of the shelter. By late afternoon I left the visitor centre and cycled the short distance to the camp I’d previously found and set up camp for the night.

Gun carriage