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Fri 31 Dec 2010

While walking to White Coppice I took this picture of the thawing Leeds and Liverpool canal. I'm always amazed at the optimism of fishermen who will break holes in the ice to follow their sport.

Sun 26 Dec 2010
Called in at Winfields, Haslingden Britannia Mill site and made a pleasant discovery. They had an excellent motorbike museum.

originally owned by Steve McQueen

the bike Carl Fogarty rode to win the
1989 Isle of Man TT

Sat 25 Dec 2010
After a very pleasant Christmas dinner at my brother's I walked home along a dark and deserted Leeds and Liverpool canal towpath

the Leeds and Liverpool canal at Wheelton, looking up to Rye Bank

looking cross the snow covered fields to Wheelton

Fri 24 Dec 2010
Early afternoon drove to Tockholes car park and walked up to Darwen Tower to see the effects of the top section being blown off in November. It was sunny and lots of snow still on the ground. Up the tower all the steps were in place but the top Perspex and wood canopy was missing. It didnít seem to be a problem and enables a better panoramic view. Two other visitors commented that they thought the tower was better without the Perspex cover; I agree.

just below the top of the staircase

looking down the spiral staircase
Thu 23 Dec 2010
Mid afternoon had a walk above White Coppice to the site of the ruin of Coppice Stile Farm.

Coppice Stile Farm c1890s

the same site today; snowy, windswept and very cold.

Mon 20 Dec 2010

I was camped on the fells to the east of Dale Head, Cumbria when I saw the full moon rising above Clough Head to the NE. It is also the longest night of the year and the sky remained clear meaning the snow covered fells were illuminated all night.

Sun 19 Dec 2010

The White Coppice icicles can always be relied on to give a spectacular display when itís cold but they arenít very accessible to get a good view. To get round this I set the camera up on a tripod in the river bed. With a special bracket mounted on the tripod it is possible to rotate the camera at precise intervals to take an accurate mosaic of images. They are then processes afterwards in the computer to align them into one image. This picture is a 180deg wide view built up of 13 separate images.

Sat 18 Dec 2010

the bottom of School brow this morning

more snow on the Christmas tree on Waterhouse Green

The snow continued through the night and was even deeper this morning

- - - - - -

This afternoon it was clear and cold so I went for a walk from White Coppice towards Brinscall. The two images below are wide views made by merging several images together.

White Coppice cricket field in the snow

the Pine woods above Brinscall



Fri 17 Dec 2010

This evening it started to snow quite heavily. Approaching midnight I drove to Chorley Railway Station to pick son Steve up and only just got through.

The Christmas tree on Waterhouse Green with the Roebuck in the background

Tue 14 Dec 2010

Drove to Grasmere with bike in the car then rode to Ghyllside Cycles in Ambleside to invest in set of Ortlieb rear panniers. They are reputed to be the best on the market. Also bought some butterfly bars as I'm planning to convert my touring bike. Then cycled back to the car via Elterwater. I had the new panniers on the bike and the boxes as well. I looked like I was delivering pizzas!

Bike and new panniers while eating my butties in Elterwater

Ghyllside Cycles, Ambleside


Driving home via St John's in the Vale I saw the Howgills free of snow.
Last week everything in this picture was white with snow.

Sun 12 Dec 2010

I decided to use the nice weather to walk from Abbey Village and through Withnell and Withnell Fold to deliver some Christmas Cards. I took these snaps on the way.

Descending from Pike Lowe
towards Oakmere Avenue/

the old railway line that ran between Chorley and Cherry Tree

Sat 11 Dec 2010

The Carphone Warehouse mobile phone shop had a very good deal on offer, a Samsung Tocco Lite touch screen mobile phone for £44.95. I called in yesterday to buy one but I was told the price had just gone up that morning to £47.95. I asked how long the memo messages could be but the shop assistant didnít know. My idea was to use the qwerty touch screen as a keyboard to keep a mobile diary when Iím away from home. I went ahead with the purchase but when I got home and tried to install the PC Suite software from the disc it wouldnít read on either of my PCs so I downloaded it from the Samsung website. The Bluetooth connection worked OK but once the text messages have been transferred to the PC they canít be converted from the Samsungís .nef file format to plain text.

Samsung Tocco Lite S5230

That was the first major problem. The qwerty keyboard worked fine but the longest memo I could type was about 100 characters, so no use for a diary. There was no Ď&í character available anywhere. For anyone not wanting what I was after its unbelievable value. But for me itís no better than the Nokia I already have so I reluctantly returned it this morning for a refund.
Wed 08 Dec 2010

After walking over the summit of Blencathra, near Keswick, Cumbria, I took this wide view looking south while on the descent. It was a very cold and clear day.
Mon 06 Dec 2010
On my way back from Chorley I saw this nice winter view of Astley Hall with frost covered trees.
Sun 05 Dec 2010
The was an interesting mix of clear and misty weather this afternoon. I went for a walk from White Coppice to Wheelton Plantation, setting off in clear and cold sunshine and finishing in mist.

View of Healey Nab
from above White Coppice

Another view towards the Nab but with the mist rolling in

Walking through the pine-woods back to White Coppice

Sat 04 Dec 2010

Evening caught the bus to Chorley and walked home along the canal bank. The temperature was just below freezing and the slushy snow was very slippery. Took some photos of a barge on the canal then through the Mormon Temple grounds to take some more pictures.

barge at Botany

the canal at Botany

the Mormon Temple

Thu 02 Dec 2010



This evening I was at Astley Hall, Chorley to see another excellent historical presentation by Lizzie Jones. This evening we were taken back to the time of Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War inthe 1640s and 50s. The theme was Mry Elizabeth Cromwell the 'Relucatant Majesty'.

Lizzie as Elizabeth Cromwell
on the staircase of Astley Hall

Lizzie as Elizabeth Cromwell

Elizabeth Cromwell

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