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Tue 31 Dec 2013

Great Hill from Higher House Lane

Being the last day of 2013 I decided to camp the night on Hurst Hill above White Coppice to watch the firework display over the Chorley area. I had nice weather for the walk there

Camp on Hurst Hill

The last photo of 2013

Sat 28 Dec 2013
The weather was very changeable on my cycle ride. Shortly after taking this snap of a rainbow across Anglezarke Reservoir I was battered with torrential rain and massive hailstones.
Wed 25 Dec 2013 Christmas Day

Listening to the radio on Christmas day morning I was reminded of the World War I Christmas truce when unofficial ceasefires took place along the Western Front during Christmas 1914. German and British soldiers began to exchange seasonal greetings by venturing into "no man's land" to exchange food, souvenirs and even join in carol-singing. As I took an early Christmas morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods I took this photo of the Whittle and Clayton War memorial. I wondered if any of the Whittle and Clayton men who died took part in the short truce. In the sky, just to the left of the memorial cross is Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar system. Above Jupiter are the bright stars of Castor and Pollux which are named after the twin heroes Castor and Pollux from classical mythology.

While walking home in the morning dark I took this photo by the River Lostock using the same LED lights used on the war memorial.

On Christmas Day afternoon I walked to Withnell Fold village. It was built in 1843/44 to house workers for the adjacent Paper Mill, which was built at the same time. The mill closed in 1967 and is mostly demolished but thankfully the village is still a thriving community.
The village war memorial was illuminated by the low winter sun as I walked by so I took this photo. It shows the names of 19 men who died in two World Wars. The full statistics are:

WW1, Enlisted 83, Killed 14.
WW2, Enlisted 66, Killed 5.

Walking home along the canal in the dark I took this photo of the bridge at Moss Lane.
Tue 24 Dec 2013

Low Rigg Farm interior. Seen while walking in Weardale, Co Durham.

Sun 22 Dec 2013
Night view of one of the Johnson’s Hillock locks on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. This photo location is just south of Town Lane Bridge, Whittle-le-Woods. It was taken by putting the camera on a tripod and using a 30 second exposure to capture the night sky while using a battery lamp to illuminate the foreground.
Sat 21 Dec 2013


It was great to see the carol singers in Fazakerley St Chorley. They are a local choir called Sing It Big and they have their own website here.

Good news! The collapsed culvert on the Belmont to Rivington road is now repaired and the road open again. Now I can again indulge in one of my favourite cycle routes.

Fri 20 Dec 2013

This morning I called at Clayton Green Library to check out the latest edition of Lancashire Life magazine, but it wasn’t there. I was told they didn’t get magazines any more because of budget cuts. Cycling through Waterhouse Green, Whittle-le-Woods I had a look at the recently converted redundant telephone box. It is now a community run ‘Book Swap’ where people can exchange books at will. We pay our rates for a Library service that is shrinking yet volunteers can create a new book service. There’s an interesting message here.

Thu 19 Dec 2013

After last night’s wet and stormy weather the wind had died down when I went for my morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods. The village Christmas tree on Waterhouse Green looked impressive as it reflected in a School Brow puddle.
Sun 15 Dec 2013

My plan was to climb Ben Hope, the northernmost Munro. Because of forecast high winds later in the day I had to leave early. I set off at 6:15am Sun 15 Dec in the dark and completed most of the 927 metre climb by the light of my head torch, reaching the top at 08:30. Because of the northern latitude the sunrise wasn’t till after 9am so I didn't get the chance to see it. Hanging around and risking being blown off wasn’t an option. I want to be an old climber not a bold climber.

Sat 14 Dec 2013
Inside the ruins of Balnakeil Church near Durness, Scotland is an alcove protecting this stone tomb capping.

A detail on the stone shows this archer and deer

On this detail, to the bottom right, is the date 162?

To the east of Durness is Smoo Cave. The whole place was deserted when I arrived but the internal lights were switched on.
This time of the year the nights are very long. The harbour at Kinlochbervie was still dark when I drove past to have a  look
Thu 12 Dec 2013

I'm still busy sending out my Christmas cards. This picture is the front cover made up of some photos from my recent trek through the Dhaulagiri area in Nepal.
Tue 10 Dec 2013

After a fascinating walk by the River Nent near Alston in Cumbria I was treated to this spectacular sky after driving over Hartside Pass on the A686.

Sun 08 Dec 2013
Each Christmas period Whittle-le-Woods has had an illuminated Christmas tree on Waterhouse Green opposite the Roebuck. This year for the first time a community event was held to celebrate the turning on of the lights. Heavy rain didn’t prevent the crowds turning up to sing carols with music provided by the Buckshaw Village Youth band. With mulled wine being provided to help the proceedings along the lights were turned on shortly after 5pm. More carols were sung even though most of the song sheets had been reduced to soggy pulp in the rain.
Sat 07 Dec 2013
One of my week end treats is an evening walk along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Whittle-le-Woods. The view is different every time.
Fri 06 Dec 2013
The old 1883 underground reservoir at Clayton-le-Woods that used to feed Leyland is now demolished and almost filled in. There is one more disused underground reservoir of brick construction in the area. It is on private land but the owner gave me permission to take this photo yesterday. It was built in the 1880s but is not in as good a condition at the Leyland structure was. Unfortunately it is not available for public viewing so these photos will have to do.

Wide view with several images stitched together



Sun 01 Dec 2013

At Astley Hall there was an extremely interesting and entertaining Magic Lantern show by Andrew Gill. He was using an 1880s projector which was almost the same as when made in Southport over 130 years ago. Originally it would have used limelight as a light source but has now been converted to electric light. The glass plate lantern slides were of extremely high quality giving very sharp images on the screen. Some dated back to the 1860s. The entertainment was pure Victorian which still works today.

Sun 01 Dec 2013

I joined Chorley Sub-Aqua Club in 1969 and stayed for about 10 years. In the mid 1970 there was a competition for the design of a club emblem. It was won by Charlie Binns and here is his winning design. It was printed on stickers that adorned diving equipment and sometimes people’s cars.

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