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Wed 30 Dec 2015

A very wet and windy walk over Fountains Fell, Yorkshire
Tue 29 Dec 2015
After lots of recent rain today has been fine and windy. I enjoyed a walk along the Rochdale canal, starting in Todmorden and heading south to Littleborough. In Todmorden was the Gauxholme Viaduct where the railway goes over the canal. After that a section of the canal was closed so had to return to the road for a while. The canal locks headed up to the Longlees lock no 36 which is the summit at 183m (600ft) and the highest broad canal in England.

Gauxholme viaduct

Longlees lock no 36 which is the summit at 183m (600ft) and the highest broad canal in England.

Rochdale canal summit

Playhouse by the canal

Old Mill near Littleborough.

Back in Todmorden the residents were filling sandbags in case of more floods
Mon 28 Dec 2015
Afternoon out on bike via Leyland. On the approach to Croston the Police had closed the road so made a detour though Eccleston to reach Croston via Syd Brook Lane.
The main A581 was closed to the west of the bridge over the River Yarrow. There was a Police road block. I returned to Croston via Turflands and took some photos near The Grapes Inn. There was bad flooding here on Boxing Day and sandbags were still up at front doors. I cycled back along Syd Brook Lane to the A49 Wigan Road and turn off at Euxton Lane under the railway. It was still flooded and closed. I was able to get round via School lane.

Croston sandbags sign

Flood damaged goods in Croston

Euxton Ln from the west

Euxton Ln underwater

Euxton Ln from the west

Euxton Ln floods from the east
Sun 27 Dec 2015

Our Christmas family meal was this evening. This year I didnít cook a turkey. When returning from Scotland last Monday Iíd bought a large Steak Pie in Moffat. Iíd also bought some burgers from Allenís Butcher in Chorley so they were the main part of the meal.

Sat 26 Dec 2015
With heavy rain overnight the River Lostock was rising dangerously. On my morning walk it was about 0.5m below the underside of Waterhouse Green bridge. My mid-morning it was up to the underside. I went for a walk along Kem Mill Lane at 10:30. The football field was flooded and the Lower Kem Mill ruins underwater. By late morning the Waterhouse Green end of Town lane was flooding and water rushing into the houses. The Roebuck car park flooded but the water didnít get into the pub.

River Lostock under the Waterhouse Green bridge.

Waterhouse Green bridge 3 hrs later

Kem Mill Lane football field

Lowe Kem Mill ruins underwater by the River Lostock

Bailing out the flooded houses on Waterhouse Green

Town Lane underwater

River Ribble levels at Samlesbury under the M6 motorway
To see a live graph of the River Ribble levels click here.

For anyone who knows me and didnít get one of my Christmas Cards here is the digital version.

The messages inside are:
Christmas Greetings

Cover illustrations:
People and mountains, Ethiopia & Bhutan.
Feb/Nov 2015.

I met a man with a dollar; we exchanged dollars. We each have one dollar.
I met a man with an idea. We exchanged ideas, and we each have two ideas. Unknown

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
Ziad K. Abdelnour (1960 -)

Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.
Satchel Paige. (1906 - 1982)

Technology is a word that describes something that doesnít work yet.
Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001)

Never confuse education with intelligence.

When you talk you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new.
Dalai Lama

The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.
Northrop Frye. (1912 Ė 1991)

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
Frederick Douglass. (1818 - 1895)

Fri 25 Dec 2015

My Christmas Day morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods was very quiet.
I saw one person, a neighbour, on my way home. Here are a few of the photos I took while on my stroll.

Waterhouse Green and Christmas tree.

The Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods War Memorial.


Wed 23 Dec 2015

Visited Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland for a nice walk in cold, clear and windy conditions.
After the wall visited the Housteads Museum and ruins of the fort. The weather was clear and cold with wonderful views. Drove home via Hartside Pass and had good views of sun behind clouds.


Hadrians Wall near Birdoswald

Letter home

Housteads Fort

Housteads Fort

In the museum

Descent of Hartside Pass
Tue 22 Dec 2015

After three days of hill walking in Scotland, mostly in the rain, it was nice to have a morning stroll through Whittle-le-Woods. Here are a couple of snaps I took this morning of a puddle in Factory Lane and the Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods War memorial.

Whittle and Clayton-le-Woods War memorial.

Puddle in Factory Lane

On the run up to Christmas five years ago
it was cold with snow everywhere.
I took this 180deg wide angle photo in the gorge at White Coppice

Mon 21 Dec 2015

A morning climb up Ben Vrackie above Pitlochry.

Shortest day sunrise

Shortest day sunrise across Loch a' Choire
On the drive home called at Moffat and visited the old graveyard. The sign says:
In this Old Churchyard is the ruin of a Pre-Reformation Church bearing Coats of Arms of the Johnstone and Maxwell Families.

Among Gravestones of interest is that to
The Memory Of
John Loudon McAdam of roadmaking fame and those to the Memories of
James McGeorge and John Goodfellow Guard and Driver respectively of a Royal Mail Coach who lost their lives in a snowstorm north of Devil's Beef Tub in 1831

John Loudon McAdam

James McGeorge

John Goodfellow
Sun 20 Dec 2015

A very very windy Ben Lawers near Loch Tay, Scotland.

Sat 19 Dec 2015

A very wet and bindy Creag Dhubh near Newtonmore, Scotland

Fri 18 Dec 2015

Drove to Todmorden then parked near Bus Station and caught 592 bus to Hebden Bridge. Walked around the town first. Had a look at the old packhorse bridge which dates from around 1510 with the first repairs being carried out in 1600. Called in the The Blitz Wartime Cafť and Tearoom. It was nice to see some original 1940s Picture Post magazines on some tables. Then to the Railway Station for a look in the General Room and its lovely old photographs and illustrations. Then walked along the Rochdale Canal back to Todmorden. It began to rain for the final few miles.

592 bus



Blitz Wartime Cafť 



Hebden Bridge Railway Station

Hebden Bridge Railway Station

On the Rochdale Canal

Mural in Todmorden. Spare land is being used to grow produce.

Thur 17 Dec 2015

I recently posted some photos of the Whittle-le-Woods Christmas tree so in the interest of balance I photographed the Clayton-le-Woods Christmas tree this morning. The tree has recently had more lights added which have made a huge improvement. In the foreground is the commemorative mound to the old demolished reservoir that was on Back Lane. I thought the reflections in the wet stone slabs looked nice. I also waited for the 125 bus to pass by on its way to Preston. It appears as streaks of light as the exposure was 10 seconds.

High speed 125 bus on the A6

Clayton-le-Woods Christmas tree & 125 bus heading to Preston.


Wed 16 Dec 2015

While walking in Northumberland I visited the Coanwood Friends Meeting House.
The sign said:
1760 Historical Chapels Trust Coanwood Friends' Meeting House.
Iíd visited it some years ago while on a bike ride but this time stayed for a while for a good look round and check out the interior. At first I thought the door was locked but it was just tight and needed a push. Inside was uncluttered and tidy which is the way it is supposed to be. There were various quotations written on the walls which I was surprised to see.

Meeting House interior

Coanwood Friends' Meeting House

Tue 15 Dec 2015

Returning from my morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods I was drawn to our lovely Christmas tree like a moth to a candle flame. It really does look nice and is a credit to the team who organised it.
Yesterday I passed the Clayton-le-Woods Christmas tree and was disappointed to see it is still imprisoned behind metal bars. I was told it was because of health and safety requirements.
Occasionally common sense should override flimsy, and sometimes imaginary, health and safety regulations.

High speed A6

Whittle-le-Woods Christmas tree at Waterhouse Green

St John's Churchyard

Church gates
Mon 14 Dec 2015

There was an interesting mix of lights on my morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods. The red and white streaks are the 125 bus heading for Preston.
Sat 12 Dec 2015

Had an enjoyable evening walk in Whittle-le-Woods. I took a photo of the River Lostock as it passed under the bridge at Waterhouse Green then along Town Lane to the old Toll House on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. I used my bicycle lamp for additional lighting.

Town Lane

Bridge over the River Lostock at Waterhouse Green

Evening view of the Old Toll House - Leeds and Liverpool
canal at Town Lane

A morning view of this year's village Christmas tree.

Fri 11 Dec 2015

A wet morning walk along Factory Lane.

Thu 10 Dec 2015

Featherstone Bridge in Northumberland.
One of the steepest approaches I know.

Tue 08 Dec 2015
My father was born 101 years ago today and died in 1979. The photo is Mum and Dad shortly after they married in 1940. Mum died in 2010.
During the 1920s and 1930s Dad was a keen cyclist and in the 1930s joined Chorley Cycling Club. In the 1930s Mum and Dad would go on cycle touring holidays on their tandem.

Dad as an early cyclist

Mum and Dad around 1940

Dad and Mum on their tandem in the Yorkshire Dales 1938
Had a great mooch round Manchester to  visit the Peoples Museum, Museum of Science and Industry and Manchester Art Gallery.

Great cartoons

Colourful shelter

Lovely Hogarth print

Manchester money


Outside loo exhibit

Oxford Road

Cast Iron Gas Retort



Manchester Art Gallery


Manchester Art Gallery

River in spate
Mon 07 Dec 2015


This evening caught bus to Preston to Preston Minster (Parish Church on Church Street) for a talk by Bill Shannon on the Last Battle in English Soil, Preston 1715. It was very well attended and hosted by Preston Historical Society. There is an excellent brochure of a history walk around the area. Click here for the pdf document

Preston Minster


Hosted by Preston Historical Society.

Preston Minster
Sun 06 Dec 2015

This evening we had a great turnout for the official switching on of the Christmas tree lights on Waterhouse Green, Whittle-le-Woods. Before the switch on there was free mulled wine and mince pies. The Youth Band from Buckshaw provided music for the carols. Santa turned the lights on about 18:10.

Whittle-le-Woods Christmas tree

Buckshaw Youth Band

Enjoying the entertainment

Santa and a young friend

Sanda tuns the lights on
with some help from Peter



Afternoon out for bike ride as rain has stopped at last. Through Euxton called to have a look at the new war memorial and information board.

Roll of Honour

Euxton War Memorial
Fri 04 Dec 2015

 I enjoyed a windy Friday evening walk along the canal through Whittle-le-Woods. The footbridge on the left crosses the old Lancaster canal which used to go as far as Walton Summit when opened in 1803. It now ends at Town Lane as the rest of its route was filled in during the building of the M61 motorway in 1969. To the right is the bottom lock of Johnsonís Hillock Locks on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Whittle Springs to Blackburn was the last section to be opened in 1816.

Lancaster Canal towpath

Lancaster  Canal and Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Whittle Springs


Had a very windy bike ride over Belmont. The overflow spillway from the Yarrow Reservoir into the Anglezarke Reservoir was in full spate.


Overflow from Yarrow Reservoir


Yesterday I took a few ground level photos of puddle reflections while on my morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods.
This morning I tried similar photos on School Brow while vehicles drove by through the 10 second exposures.

School Brow

School Brow

School Brow
Thu 03 Dec 2015


The rain hardly seems to have stopped this week. There were more picturesque reflections  in the puddles along Factory Lane.

Preston Road A6

Factory Lane

Wed 02 Dec 2015

In July 1977 I walked the length of Hadrianís Wall with my friend Charlie. We walked east to west, camping on the way. On Wed 27th July 1977 we crossed the River Irthing and climbed up to Milecastle no 49. On the way to Birdoswald Fort there is an excellent length of Hadrianís Wall and Iíd read about a phallus that was carved in one of the stones. They are fairly common along the wall and on this occasion I managed to find it. This morning I was walking along the same stretch of wall in the pouring rain and managed to find the stone again. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a similar phallus were included in a modern building.


Tue 01 Dec 2015

Preston Road A6

Preston Road A6
Another rainy day for my morning walk. The last photos of November 2015 were rain as well!

Factory Lane


A lovely cartoon by Bob Eckstein ‏@BobEckstein
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