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Fri 30  Dec 2016
Memories of Chorley Mills is an Oral History Project supported by a Lottery grant. I visited end of the exhibition at Chorley Library where there were photos and objects loaned to the project.

The exhibition in Chorley Library

Memories of Chorley Mills


Young 'starters' at Talbot Mill in the 1950s

Wed 28  Dec 2016
A very dark lane photographed near Sedbergh, Cumbria.
The same photo put through Topaz software
to convert to a painting effect.
Mon 26  Dec 2016 Boxing Day
Midday drove to White Coppice to go for walk up to Great Hill. It was a fine day and being Boxing Day I wasn’t surprised to see the car park by the cricket field was full. I parked on the lane near the reservoirs.

Flask on Great Hill summit.
It's from Jill for Christmas

Returning to White Coppice in the wind

Near Drinkwater's ruin there is a new memorial by the existing Joe's Cup memorial. It refers to Joe Whitter (1939 - 1991) who was a distance runner with Wigan Phoenix Running Club.

Was on evening cycle ride through White Coppice when I saw a wonderful display of Christmas tree lights. I stopped to take a few photos but thought I’d spoiled one when I inadvertently moved the camera before the time exposure of 10seconds had finished. The result was quite interesting.
Sun 25  Dec 2016 Christmas Day

My Christmas morning walk through Whittle-le-Woods was deserted. I photographed the Christmas tree on Waterhouse Green then through the woods to the Whittle & Clayton-le-Woods War memorial to remember those who died during the two World Wars.
Sat 24  Dec 2016
I walked to Lower Wheelton for the 5:30pm Christmas Eve Carols around the Tree at the War Memorial/Clock Tower. This event is becoming more popular every year. A brass band provided the music and young children were in nativity dress. The whole area and surrounding streets were filled with people enjoying the open-air event. It helped that the Red Lion across the road had an outside bar and barbeque. It’s been going for about 30 years.
By the clock tower

Fri 23  Dec 2016
Late shopping at Asda ready for Christmas.
They'd run out of Christmas Puddings
Wed 21  Dec 2016
My morning walk along Factory Lane
Tue 20  Dec 2016
Made an early morning start to walk up Ben Vrackie, Pitlochry
Sunrise on the descent
Mon 19  Dec 2016
The Commando memorial near Spean Bridge

John Rhodes Cobb (1899 – 29 September 1952) died in 1952 attempting to break the world water speed record at Loch Ness in the jet speedboat Crusader at a speed in excess of 200 mph (320 km/h).
There is a memorial to him on the A82 erected by the people of Glenurquhart.

John Cobb memorial on the A82
Loch Ness is in the background

John Cobb

John Cobb memorial plaque

The Crusader on Loch Ness

John Cobb Dies in Gallant Attempt on World Water Speed Record
The You Tube - Pathe News film.
Wed 14  Dec 2016
Between Bacup and Todmorden is Todmorden Moor which is an area of upland moors. It used to be a hive if industry with quarries, coal mines and fireclay factories. It is now mostly used for wind power generation and wildlife conservation. On a nice day it provides some wonderful walking with excellent tracks and view all around, in particular Stoodley Pike Monument. One of the information boards described at old mine entrance but the board had fallen from its frame and I had to clean it off to read what it said.
Wind power on the moors

Wind power on the moors

1940s Coal Mine

The view from Flower Scar Road

Old Coal Mine from the
Roger Birch Collection

he old Temperley Brothers' Ceramic Pipe Works

Peter Drew the founder of the Astronomy Centre

The Astronomy Centre
Descending the moor to the south towards the A681 are several old coal shaft mounds and by the road is the amazing Astronomy Centre. It was founded in 1982 with private financial investmenta as a centre of astronomical excellence and is run by its founder, Peter Drew, with the support of a core group of volunteers. The Observatory is staffed by amateur astronomers with a wide range of expertise. it is build on the site of the old Temperley Brothers' Ceramic Pipe Works or Saunder Clough works.
The Astronomy Centre
Tue 13  Dec 2016
Euxton Lane is still closed to carry out drainage repairs where it goes under the railway. It is open to pedestrians and I was able to wheel my bike through and take some photos of the machinery being used. They are thrust boring a new 220mm butt welded plastic pipe for a length of over 600m to a gravity outfall to the south of Euxton Parish Church. Apparently the original earthenware drain took the same route but collapsed years ago.
The new 220mm drain pipe

Mon 12  Dec 2016

Tonight was the last meeting of the year at Chorley Photographic Society with a fun photo competition and buffet. So I could enjoy a pint I went on the bus and had an enjoyable walk from Chorley bus station to St Mary’s Centre along Chapel Street taking a few photos on the way.

Cleveland St from Market St

St George's Church
Fri 09  Dec 2016
It was a rainy evening as I set off to photograph firstly the Whittle-le-Woods Christmas Tree on Waterhouse Green (above) then on the bus to see the Clayton-le-Woods tree on the A6 opposite The Pines (below)
The bright spots are rain drops on the camera lens.
Wed 07  Dec 2016
At Whittle-le-Woods Village Hall around 90 pensioners were treated to a lunchtime Christmas Meal on Wed 07the Dec 2016.
The room was packed and there was mulled wine, crackers, masses of food and musical entertainment. The highlight was Whittle-le-Woods St John’s Primary School Choir who treated us to some lovely singing of Christmas Carols.

Presents for everyone

St John's choir

Cllr Eric Bell and Chorley Mayor Doreen Dickinson

Setting out the tables in the Village Hall
Evening drove to Colne to the Hippodrome Theatre to see the film ‘Sherpa’ which was for fund raising.
The Colne Hippodrome was built by George Fort on Market Street in 1914. The doors opened on 21 September 1914 and was in constant use until 1978 when it was purchased by 3 local Operatic Societies. From 1978 to 1986 it underwent a complete restoration.

Colne Hippodrome
No G3330 New Patent "Twin" Urinal.
The Shanks & Co., Ltd., Barrhead, Scotland catalogue describes this as:
Economy in space and in cost. Increased convenience. Simplicity in installation. No ugly joints and irregularities. A novelty of the greatest Importance and practical utility.
The cost in 1914 was £12

Colne Hippodrome

Euxton Lane

Euxton Lane

Called at Euxton Lane to see the drainage works being done under the railway bridge
Mon 05  Dec 2016
My Christmas brew of homemade Whittle Ale is fermenting away nicely. It will be ready just before Christmas and I’m relying on friends and family to help me drink it.
Sun 04  Dec 2016

There was a huge turn out for tonight's switching on of the Whittle-le-Woods Christmas tree lights. Waterhouse Green was packed with people at 6pm who had gathered for mulled wine and Christmas Carols before the light were officially turned on by Wendy Mcdonald.

The lights are turned on

Waterhouse Green
Sat 03  Dec 2016

I drove to Buckshaw Railway Station to pick my son up from his works Christmas meal on Friday night. The train was due at 23:52 but didn't arrive until 00:05 on Saturday morning.

The train arrives a day late!

Buckshaw Railway Station in the drizzle
Fri 02  Dec 2016

A good choice of sauces
Thu 01  Dec 2016
The first day of December was a misty start for my morning walk

Outside St John's Church

School Brow / A6 junction

By the bus stop on the A6
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