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Boyd's photo diary.

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Thu 31 Dec 2009  evening

Early evening view of Winter Hill and the transmitter masts from Hurst Hill

Shortly before midnight view of Chorley. One of the last pictures of 2009
Thu 31 Dec 2009  morning
One of the larger buildings on the Hygienic Laundry site, Harpers Lane, Chorley being demolished

The Demolition Men

The office frontage Wed 30 Dec 2009

The Office frontage c1960

The office frontage this morning, one day later.

The Harper's Lane sign

Wed 30 Dec 2009
The demolition of the old Hygienic Laundry / Initial Washroom Solutions office block commenced this afternoon.

Sun 27 Dec 2009

I like to go for a walk along the Leeds and Liverpool canal on Sunday evenings and this photo was one I'd planned to take of Whittle Springs. I was hoping the ice was still on the canal and it was so I used a tripod to take 3 images at different exposures and combined them in Photomaix software.
The exposures were at 800asa, f8, 1sec + 5sec + 15sec.

Thu 24 Dec 2009

The Christmas Eve tills were ringing merrily this morning as I did my last minute shopping at 6am at Asda, Clayton-le-Woods. The car park was already starting to fill up.

When I got home the fresh snow was still on the ground by the Christmas tree on Waterhouse Green.

Wed 23 Dec 2009

There was quite a lot of deep snow on the fells near Wray and after a long slog through it the sun began to come out. As I returned I looked round to see this view.
Tue 22 Dec 2009
There had been quite a bit of snow overnight but the early busses to Preston were running as normal. I saw the 05:40am and 06:00am busses while out on my walk.

The A6 Preston Road in the snow

St John's Church across the cricket field
Fri 18 Dec 2009

A snowy Whittle-le-Woods.

Chorley Town Hall and the Christmas tree.
Tue 14 Dec 2009

Set off on a short backpacking trip before Christmas. I was starting from Giggleswick, Yorkshire and used public transport to get there. Using the first bus to get to Preston then the 6:40am Glasgow train to Lancaster, then the 7:10 Leeds train to Giggleswick I was able to get there before 8am. This must be a record. However, the Leeds train was rather bumpy and the seats ideally need safety belts. Not in case of a crash, just to stop you bouncing out onto the floor!

Early morning Preston railway Station

The 07:10am Leeds train about to leave Lancaster

A deserted Giggleswick railway Station

Sat 12 Dec 2009

Caught the 114 bus into Chorley to see what the Christmas lights were like. I didnít think they were very impressive so took some general night shots instead.

Chorley Town Hall clock and the Christmas tree

Parish Church of St Laurence

Botany bay and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Tue 08 Dec 2009

One of the most difficult presentations Iíve had to give was this morning to the pupils of Withnell Fold primary school. I showed them my illustrated talk on the Social History of Withnell Fold village and the Paper Mill. Up to now all my audiences have been adults but this is the first time Iíve spoken to a room full of 7 to 11 year olds and I wasnít sure what level to aim at. I neednít have worried. They were attentive and very bright. At the end I asked if there were any questions. A room full of hands shot up in the air and didnít come down until Iíd answered them all.

The school gates

The pupils examining sheets
of paper made at the mill.
Sat 05 Dec 2009

The cupboard was partly bare of a few essentials; milk & bread etc, so I thought a quick trip to the shop was needed. The 114 bus to Asda was due at 17:00 so I was there waiting in the rain at the bus stop. By quarter past it hadnít arrived so I walked up the road to the A6 and caught the 125 instead. At the Asda bus stop I noticed that the timetables had changed again. The Mon-Sat times are now split into Mon-Fri and Sat has itís own times which vary considerably during the day. To make things even more complicated they can now arrive at either 38, 53, 08, 23 or 18 mins past the hour. Hardly a way to tempt people away from their cars to public transport.

A wet and windy Asda car park.

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